Technological advancement

About us

Aeloria LTD is a financial company with a strong IT basis,
created by professionals with various backgrounds from
payment industry.


  • Flexibility
    and professionalism

    With our experience we know how to turn customer’s problems into new solutions.

  • Operating in a major world financial centre

    Aeloria Limited is a company registered
    in England and Wales licensed
    by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorised Payment Institution (API).

  • We are always
    in touch

    Every single manager takes responsibility for whole of the client’s journey. Aeloria’s well-coordinated team is highly motivated to solve even the most unexpected issue.

  • The best solution
    is the personal one

    5 years of intensive and productive work with a wide range of businesses gave us
    a unique industry vision, which helps us
    to devise well-balanced solutions tailored to address our clients’ needs.

Pay-ins & Payouts

  • Available


  • No bank or other affiliation

    We always place our clients’
    interests first

  • Security

    PCI DSS v.3.2 level 1 security certificate

  • Сontrol

    FCA Certified license Nr. 811827

Payment methods

  • MasterCard
  • VISA

Mobile commerce

Allow your clients to use the e-wallet they wear
in their pocket everyday - their mobile accounts.
This payment method provides a unique
competitive edge in the CIS market


Integrated payment solutions

  • Payments to bank cards

    The most popular payment
    method, executed with Aeloria’s perfection and proven technology

  • Mass instant payments

    A great bundle of key payout methods at each and every individual’s convenience

  • Direct carrier billing

    Payment for services and goods from mobile account


We are here to save your time and money!

We work both directly with merchants and with their
representative agents. Our extensive expertise allows
us to provide consulting and IT services to other fintechs.

  • One contract opens up all the opportunities of the Aeloria infrastructure
  • High volume payment aggregator
  • Processing of cryptocurrencies
  • One-stop service
  • Mass payments


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    Will FinTech Bring Revolution in the Financial Services Industry?

    When it comes to customers, experience is everything. Customers don't differentiate between small organizations or larger ones, nor differentiate between channels, once they enjoy the best level of satisfaction and best quality service then, they expect same kind of experience from a small firm as they do a larger one.